Vigil at Cook County Jail for Mental Health Services

by Mary C. Piemonte

Video of members of the Mental Health Movement and other concerned citizens  protesting outside the Cook County George N. Leighton Criminal Courts building on March 25, 2014.

The protestors demanded that Mayor Rahm Emanuel and other city officials take the issue of mental health “more seriously” and invest in and expand more programs, services and facilities instead of “slashing” them.

Chicago closed six of its 12 public mental health clinics in 2012, and now the group claims that Emanuel and other city officials are “kicking people out of the remaining clinics when they sign up for health coverage, forcing many to travel far or give up longstanding relationships with therapists.”

After the rally at the criminal courts building, members of the group boarded a school bus and headed over to Ald. George Cardenas’ (27th) ward office in hopes of meeting with him to discuss holding a public hearing about their concerns.


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